Investing isn’t just about creating wealth, it is also about creating value.
Where you put your money can and should make a difference.

Equality Funds is committed to helping you invest your money in ways that promote your values around diversity, equality and social responsibility.

Our fund invests in businesses that invest in the LGBT Community and in companies that support gender equality and LGBT rights in the workplace because those are causes we value. We have also found that companies that invest in their people perform better in the market, creating value for their shareholders and for everyone else.


We believe that investing is about influence. It is about creating value where value isn’t just measured in dollars and cents, it is also measured in impact. That impact might be better jobs, more engaged employees, quality education, and stronger communities, as well as economic growth and revenue performance. Investing in companies which invest in people is a powerful strategy for creating value we can all feel good about having helped create.

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